[Abstract(Law)] Recent Developments of Singapore Competition Law

  • DATE WRITTEN : 2022-05-14
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This study covers Singapore Competition Law, which is one of the most active and advanced jurisdictions in terms of competition law enforcement. This study is meaningful for the following reasons: first, examining the system, provision, and cases of the Singapore Competition Law is quite significant in theoretical side\; second, due to its upper rank on the international competitiveness, the competition law of Singapore can be a good reference to re-organize the role of the Korean economy and competition law\; third, because of the close relationship between Korea and Singapore in both trade and investment, understanding Singapore
Competition Law could reduce the business risk of Korean undertakings which do its business with Singapore directly or indirectly\; fourth, the SISTIC case and Uber-Grab case in Singapore has a deep implication on the application of the Competition Law in distribution markets.

This study introduces the enactment and amendment of Singapore Competition Law, and overview the system and enforcement status. After that, this study reviews the substantive rules which prohibit the abuse of market domination, cartels, anticompetitive mergers with the landmark cases. Lastly, this study analyses the organization of Competition authority, the procedure of law enforcement and judicial review, and present the future task of the Singapore Competition Law.

key words: Competition Law, Singapore, Singapore Competition Authority, Competition

Joon Young Park
Research Fellow(Ph.D.), Korea Fair Trade Mediation Agency

(Journal of Korean Distribution Law, Vol. 8, December 2021)
and Consumer Commission of Singapore, Cases
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