Competition Community

Purpose of APCC

  • Enhance the domestic and international status of researches and achievements by Asia-Pacific researchers and related industries in the field of competition law and competition economics, as a private network and platform of Asia-Pacific countries.
  • Mutual exchange of information and research results among academics, practitioners and competition authorities in various countries.
  • Contribute to the development of a free and fair market economy in the Asia-Pacific region.

Participating countries

Establish with 5 to 7 participating countries during the initial stage (including China, Japan, Taiwan, India, Singapore, Hong Kong and Australia) and gradually expand in the future.

  • Create networks of various forms involving Asia-Pacific country experts.
  • Invite academics and practitioners from the US and Europe who are interested in Asian competition law on an invitation-only basis, to expand the Forums role as a global network.


Establish a board of directors and executive steering committee, as well as forming an editorial board.

Establish a separate secretariat and acquire an independent financing.

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  1. President
  2. Advising committee
    Executive committee
    Editorial Board

Major activities

  • Build and operate a website (APCC On-Line Virtual Network)

    Establish an online network including information on APCC, such as Bulletin, Columns, Conference & Event, Authors & Affiliates, etc.

  • Hold an annual international conference.
  • Utilize working groups if necessary.
  • 2020.11 APCC Homepage establishment
  • 2020.11 Host International Founding Conference of APCC